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What is it?

During the pandemic, in response to the severe shortage of mechanical ventilators, we used our GovReg™ pressure regulator technology (already commercialized in the beverage industry) as the foundation to create a new paradigm in airway management and respiratory care.

Venspirator™ combines the breathing assistance of a life-supporting ventilator with the safety and portability of a PPE respirator.

Small, lightweight, non-electric (no electricity / battery), wearable, mechanical ventilator powered by a stationary or portable oxygen source.

Can be used with a face mask, intraoral mouthpiece, or endotracheal tube.


What is it for?

Designed for both civilian and military use and for both traditional and prehospital settings. Critical for austere environments and mass casualty ventilatory support.

  • Treatment and prevention of respiratory illnesses including COVID, COPD, sleep apnea, asthma, and cystic fibrosis.

  • Military Warfighters and First Responders as protection from airborne disease, chemical weapons, smoke, and pollution.  Also oxygenated performance    enhancement.

  • Professional & recreational athletes for protection from airborne toxins and performance enhancement.

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