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What is it?

TSlider is a simple mechanical multiport valve that transitions a patient from one mechanical ventilator to another ensuring uninterrupted ventilatory support and a closed loop system that prevents infection.

Connects directly to an endotracheal tube and allows continuous oxygen flow with no loss of PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure) or FRC (Functional Residual Capacity).

The 4 ports include an inline suction port, an inline bronchoscope port, and 2 ports for 2 different oxygen sources, which can be quickly and easily switched between sources with a locking mechanism for security.

What is it for?

A key challenge in mechanical ventilation involves switching a patient from one mechanical ventilator to another. During the transition, the patient loses ventilatory support which poses a significant risk to respiratory health due to the loss of critical therapeutic breathing and oxygenation.

TSlider was invented to improve patient safety and reduce respiratory distress during transition between ventilation methods (manual and/or mechanical) by creating a closed circuit to help prevent VAEs and provide continuous ventilatory support with no loss of PEEP or FRC.

Applicable for both civilian and military use and for both traditional and prehospital settings.

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