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About Legacy


leg·a·cy  |  'le-gə-sē

Something achieved that continues to make a difference after we're gone.


Our experienced team is comprised of entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, project managers, and a variety of subject matter experts. Our full-service capabilities include concept development, design, prototyping, and manufacturing for streamlined development. Primary R&D activities occur in-house or in-house at teaming partner facilities. Our established technology base coupled with a strong patent portfolio demonstrates proven technical acumen. Our military and government contracts signal our capacity to meet rigorous standards. Our deep and broad network across medical, military, government, industry, and academic sectors indicates a deep well of resources and expertise that we leverage for project success. 

Legacy Innovation Inc a highly versatile and visionary company inventing ground-breaking technologies and products focused in pressure, temperature & flow. While our technical lane is narrow, applications are infinite across a wide range of market sectors from medical to industrial to entertainment. This fosters efficient growth with the diversity to insulate against downturns in the economy and disruption in any one market sector.

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While we have a proven track record of bringing products to market in the sports & entertainment field, we also proved the agility to pivot and innovate medical devices during the pandemic. Notable successes include GovReg® pressure regulation technology recognized as an Industry Best Practice by the US Brewers Association, Coldr™ temperature technology which won Molson Coors Innovation Award, and medical technologies Venspirator™ and BLIS™ awarded contracts from the US Department of Defense.

About Our Logo

  • Top view of cold beverage (blue) in Coldr™ cup holder (black) with warm air ventilated away (red).

  • Top view of cold blood (blue) inside our BLIS container (black) that can be warmed in transit for immediate transfusion (red) in prehospital emergency events.

  • Nod to an analog pressure regulator gauge (black) with the center point (blue) and pressure indicator (red).

  • Nod to “just hit play” style icon representing our passion and dedication to bring new difference-making technologies to life. 

  • Our focused eye (blue) looks to the expanding future (red).

Our Evolution

We started out specializing in architectural and scientific glass:


Apple - research optically clear and colorless glass, which is evident

in their products today.


Marriott - replicate a 150 year

old french mirroring process for

San Francisco Airport Hotel.


Construction - premier provider for architectural glass for commercial

and residential projects.

Then we evolved into cooling and pressure regulation technologies for the beverage industry:


Our Coldr™ Drink Rails & Tables won Molson Coors' global Gallantry Award 

for "smart risks that pay off". Projects

are installed in stadiums nationwide.


Our GovReg® pressure regulators are considered an industry best practice

by the Brewers Association's 

Draught Beer Quality Manual.

During the pandemic, we modified our core technologies to create next-generation medical devices for military and civilian use:


Small, lightweight, non-electric
(no electricity/battery), wearable, mechanical ventilator powered by a stationary/portable oxygen source. Ideal for austere environment / mass casualty ventilatory support.

BLIS Logo.png

Mobile blood bank system that keeps blood/biologics within precise verifiable temperatures ranges and can warm blood during transport to transfuse immediately on arrival.

TSlider Logo.png

Simple mechanical multiport valve that transitions a patient from one mechanical ventilator to another ensuring uninterrupted ventilatory support and a closed loop system that prevents infection.

Our pressure, temperature & flow technologies can also support industrial applications:

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