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Blood Test

What is it?

During the pandemic, and in response to the military need to get fresh, intact whole blood to injured warfighters, we used our Coldr™ technology (already commercialized in the beverage industry) as the foundation to create a new paradigm in cold supply chain management for blood, blood products, and other biologics including organs, tissues, and temperature-sensitive medicines.

BLIS is purpose-built to upgrade the blood and biologic supply chain, integrating cutting-edge technologies to ensure verifiable temperature control and maintenance of blood/biologic integrity. The system addresses dual-use needs for military and civilian applications, aiming to streamline logistics, conserve blood/biologics resources by preventing waste, and establish a robust data chain for logistics planning and research purposes.


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BLIS Boxes | TRL 4

Cooling & Warming Containers for Storage and Transport of Blood/Biologics

Screenshot 2024-04-18 115321.png
Screenshot 2024-04-18 115459.png

BLIS Blood Label | TRL 4

Adhesive Label with NFC Chip and Companion QR Code


BLIS Data Collection & Inventory System | TRL 2

Tracking System for Blood Bag Temperature &  Other Data through the Entire Supply Chain

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